Schedule Changes

Tuesday, May 17


C1 – Mining and Reclamation, 10:30am-12pm – moderator is now Jeff Frazier, Golder

F1 – Geotech – 11:30pm (talk 102)- title has been changed to ‘Emergency Response for an Impoundment Dike Reconstruction’; Matthew Pugh and Nick Parks, Wood

P2 – Beneficiation and Processing – Abstract 212, 1pm- Trends in Investigations of Coal Combustion Residuals Ponds and Landfills, John Seymour, has been withdrawn

P2 – Beneficiation and Processing – Abstract 424, 2pm Pavement Innovation down-under, CCPs rigid and flexible pavement applications, Craig Heidrich (424) has been moved to 1pm in the same room

D2 – Groundwater and Environmental Abstract 047 – Lessons Learned from the Remediation of Mining Waste are Applicable to Mitigating the CCR Leaching Potential, Greg Hebeler (047), has been withdrawn

D2 – Groundwater and Enivronmental – moderator is now Anne Oberlink, UK CAER

D1 – Groundwater and Environment – moderator is now Bob Jewell, UK CAER

S2 – Groundwater – An Interactive Process: Evaluating Remediation Systems using Numerical Simulations, speaker is now Johnathan Ebenhack (284)

C2 – Mining and Reclamation – Use of Harvested Ponded Fly Ash and Landfilled FGD Materials for High-Volume Surface Mine Reclamation: Material and Site Characterizations, speaker is now Jason Cheng (338)

E1 – REE – Identifying Rare Earth Element Speciation in Appalachian Reclaimed Mine Lands, Brianna O’Neil-Hankle (276) has changed to 1:30pm

E1 – REE – Recovering Rare Earth Elements from Acid Mine Drainage through Mine Reclamation, Jason Cheng (202) has changed to 2pm

Wednesday, May 18


D9 – Groundwater and Environment, 8am-10am – moderator is now Zach Wilder, GAI Consultants

D14 – Groundwater and Environment, 10:30am-12pm – moderator is now Anne Oberlink, UK CAER.

I3 – CCP Storage and Management, 10:30am – Abstract

074 – Chemical Compatibility and Hydraulic Performance of Lightweight Polymer Modified CGLS – speaker is now Reza Gorakhki

D13 – Groundwater and Environment, 11:30am, Abstract

376 – Groundwater Compliance & Strategy Insights for CCR Rule Stakeholders. Speaker is Sheryl Smith

D13 – Groundwater and Environment – Moderator is now Trent Godwin, Resolute Environmental

N4 – Environmental Issues, Abstract 367 – Evaluation of Methods to Differentiate CCR from Native Soil of Fill with Similar Visual/Physical Characteristics to Successfully Facilitate CCR Removal – speaker is now Trent Godwin, Resolute Environmental

I3 – CCP Storage and Management, 11:30am, Abstract

351 – State of the Practice for Compaction Quality of Dry Stack CCR Storage Facilities, the speaker is now Bruce Cunningham

028 – Hans Joachim Feurborn added as speaker

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