WOCA 2022 is proud to unveil a new abstract management system that will help manage the submission process for this year’s meeting. We hope this will improve the WOCA speaking experience.

In the Catalyst system, you can submit new abstracts, edit or withdraw previous abstracts submitted, etc. until the submission deadline. For any questions, contact Anne Oberlink

Proceedings papers due June 16, 2022.


Oral Presentation Guidelines

  • Each presentation: 25 minute talk + 5 minutes for questions/answers. It is critical that talks stay on schedule so that attendees may move between sessions as needed.
  • Plan to use the conference laptops for PowerPoint presentations.
    – (Conference laptops are PC-based; Apple platform may not be supported.)
  • Speaker should check-in with the Session Chair/Moderator BEFORE session begins.
  • Speaker should inform AV technician of special AV equipment needs BEFORE session begins.
  • AV technician will have laptop set-up before each presentation (will utilize the Q&A period to make adjustments).

Speaker Responsibilities At the Conference

  • Upon arrival, speakers MUST check-in at the registration desk; a WOCA submissions contact will be available for any questions/concerns.
  • Presenters should bring their PPT presentation on a USB flash stick/travel drive to the conference.
  • Each presenter should check-in with the session moderator approximately 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the session.
  • An AV technician, located in or near each session room, will be available to load the speaker’s PPT onto the conference laptop prior to the start of the session.

A/V Equipment Available in Each Meeting Room

  • 1 data projector cabled to a laptop computer.
    – Laptops contain USB ports for flash drives.
  • 1 laser pointer
  • 1 lapel microphone for speaker
  • 1 screen
  • 1 podium with table
  • 1 hand-held microphone for the moderator during Q&A

We will be using the 16:9 ratio for the ppt presentations.

Other AV equipment will be available upon request at speaker’s expense. Requests must be made in advance.

If you choose to use a personal laptop for your presentation, we strongly suggest that you bring an alternative format (i.e., place presentation on USB flash stick) to avoid delays should your laptop experience incompatibilities with the conference data projector.

The CCGP Journal

The journal Coal Combustion and Gasification Products will publish selected manuscripts from WOCA.  Authors should submit “peer-review ready” manuscripts to the journal for consideration.

CCGP is an international academic refereed journal jointly published by UK CAER and ACAA in the United States. Full papers will be published through the online CCGP journal, while a printed CCGP featuring abstracts will circulate in ACAA’s Ash at Work.


*WOCA Proceedings Papers (submitted by the due date) will be available directly from the Ash Library web site – (www.flyash.info) during the conference. (Some papers may not appear until 1 to 3 weeks after the conclusion of the conference.) By utilizing this web technology, we intend to speed the dissemination of the proceedings.

How To Publish a Paper in The Proceedings

To publish a paper in the Proceedings, an oral or poster presentation MUST be made. If a presentation (oral or poster) is not made, the paper will be deleted from the Proceedings.

Proceedings papers due June 16, 2022.

All presentations, provided they are made, are expected to be represented by:

  • A paper in the Ash Library Proceedings Web site*
  • Paper may be supplemented by Power Point slides or a PDF copy of the poster.

*WOCA Proceedings Papers (submitted by the due date) will be available directly from the Ash Library web site – (www.flyash.info) during the conference. (Some papers may not appear until 1 to 3 weeks after the conclusion of the conference.) By utilizing this web technology, we intend to speed the dissemination of the proceedings.

Important Information for Poster Presenters

  • Posters will be located in the Exhibit Hall
  • Presenters are expected to print and bring their own posters to WOCA. Poster size can be up to 4 feet high by 8 feet long.
  • WOCA will provide a framed, self-supported tack board that is 4 feet high by 8 feet long framed. WOCA also will provide push pins. Nothing may be attached to walls, columns, floors, etc.

Submit an Abstract

Submitting abstracts to WOCA 2022 has never been easier thanks to new abstract submissions software. This software is new to the meeting this year. To submit an abstract, follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Click on the link to create an account/new submission. https://catalyst.omnipress.com/woca2021

2. Click Sign In / Create Account at the bottom of the page.

3. Click on the Create New Account to register an account.

4. Enter your email address, password and confirm password. Click Create Account. CATALYST will send you a “Confirm your account” email.

5. Click on the turquoise button in your email labeled, Confirm Account.

6. A pop-up will appear stating, “Thank you for confirming your email.” Click on Sign In.

7. Once logged in, at the bottom of the Home page, click New Submission to create a submission.

8. Click Save on the bottom right of your screen as necessary. *If required fields are missing data, you will see the missing data tabs indicated with a red triangle.

9. Click Submit on the bottom right of your screen when you are ready to submit your abstract.

Additional Information

Important Information for Speakers

  • Letter of invitation will be sent ONLY if presenter requests it. Letter in support of visas require advance warning.
  • Each presenter is responsible for making own hotel reservations.
  • Each presenter is required to prepay the full registration fee.
  • Registration must be paid to be included in the Proceedings.
  • WOCA does NOT provide financial support to contributing authors/presenters.
  • Benefits from participation include the privilege of presenting a paper at the conference and publication of the paper in the worldwide accessible proceedings.

Paper Formatting Instructions

  • Electronic Word copy preferred; PDF may also be accepted
  • Prefer 8.5″ x 11″ for page size
  • Margins – all margins on all pages 1 inch
  • Font – Helvetica or Arial preferred
  • Figures/Tables – incorporate into body of the paper
  • Figures/Graphics – color is acceptable
  • Tables – Columns and rows may be tinted (filled in with solid colors)
  • make sure “medium” is selected for the lines of the outside border of figures/graphs instead of “fine”
  • Justification – left justified (flush left) – no right or full justification
  • A document of all the formatting guidelines can be downloaded here.
  • A sample proceedings paper can be downloaded here.

Paper Sections

  • Title – 20 point bold
  • Authors – 14 point bold
  • list primary author first
  • followed by other authors
  • use superscript numbers to identify organization/address
  • Organizations – 12 point; use appropriate superscript number followed by name/address of organization
  • Keywords – 12 point
  • Abstract – 12 point; 250 words maximum
  • Body (text of paper) – 12 point
  • do not use lines, bars, etc., which are generated using “fill”
  • Since this is an international meeting, please use SI units (or in parentheses following English units)
  • a reference site for SI units and nomenclature: http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/
  • a reference site providing conversions: http://www.sciencemadesimple.com/conversions.html
  • use colors instead of textures/patterns for delineation (as within bars or columns)
  • make sure “medium” is selected for the lines of the outside border of figures/graphs instead of “fine”
  • no page limit
  • Bibliography/References – 12 point
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